No matter your current financial status, 
THIS membership is for you! Learn how to:

- Grow your income
- Save on taxes
- Repair your credit
- and so much more!

America is full of opportunities...

But you will need a support system and a successful strategy to maximize yours. That’s exactly why the NEAA (National Employees Awareness Alliance myEcon Independent Associate) created the INCOME SHIFTING membership.

Our goal is to empower you to attain financial success by utilizing the cutting edge financial strategies found in our membership and to even earn business income!!!

What's Included In Your Membership?

  • Amazing Support Systems
  • Financial Strategies
  • Income Pay Raise Strategy
  • Credit Repair Tips & Tricks
  • Debt Elimination Methods
  • Minimizing Tax Strategies
  • Investment in Education
*You will be charged $49.95 for the initial month. Membership fees will be $34.95 month thereafter.

See What Our Members Have To Say

myEcon was a Game Changer for our family. In our first year, we eliminated over $100,000 of debt and raised my credit score almost 200 points. Over the last 7 years, we have cashflowed over seven figures and built a great investment portfolio.
K & C Tucker
Mitchellville, MD


5 Cashflow Strategies That (When Followed) Can Squash Your Debt, Improve Your Credit Score, and Secure Your Future!


What Does An InCOME Pay Raise Look Like?

How about improving your credit score?

Just imagine, finally getting credit approvals!


National Employees Awareness Alliance powered by MyEcon is a mission-based educational and informational organization group that combines significant experience in policy, strategy, law, and advocacy to drive improvements for the U.S. W2 employee workforce. We advance awareness by educating W2 employees about laws and tax codes available to them. With this information, W2 employees have additional options available to them to receive more money in every paycheck. We build leadership, community partnerships, and coalitions of advocates. We elevate the education narrative with the goal of furthering equity for all W2 Employees.

OVer 100 million americans are struggling financially 


100 million Americans. All financially struggling. All are just wanting to live a good life, take care of their loved ones, perhaps even take a vacation one day...

Take a good look at that list next to us. Do any of those hit home for you? Do you wrestle with more than one? More than 3? 

Maybe all of them?

Do you often wonder, “How did I get here”? Or even more burdensome, “How will I get out of this?”

Are you seeing others around you find success & leading in their lives, instead of life leading them?

Want to know what those successful people around you know that you don’t?

No matter where you are in life, you can START to make good decisions, the RIGHT decisions, and ultimately the SMART decisions. Decisions that lead to increased income, eliminating debt, maximizing your results for your efforts, and leveraging life to work in your favor.

Seriously, it starts with that simple (yet powerful) realization. You are capable of achieving the life of your dreams. A life where you are in control of your finances. A life where your finances can generate you more income (instead of living paycheck to paycheck).

the 2 fold solution that’s helped our members increase their income!

AT NEAA (powered by myEcon) we have dedicated the last 15 years to developing & perfecting our financial trainings, our smart & successful strategies, and our cutting edge software & tools. We have passionately pursued this venture with the sole focus of EMPOWERING our members and W2 employees to lead the life they desire financially.
How do we do that, exactly?
We start by identifying a clear solution. When it comes to improving your finances, eliminating debt, and making good investments - you need two things: 1. More Cashflow 2. Smart Financial Strategies

By becoming a member you get access to everything above!

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Our Members Are raving about Us!

myEcon's financial strategies are tested & proven. I had a great corporate job, with a Fortune 500 company. I combined the financial strategies with my corporate income and walked away from Corporate America, financially free in my forties. I have been retired and enjoying life for over 10 years.
T. Gray
Dallas, TX
I was a successful business owner before myEcon. After joining myEcon, the Income Shifting Strategies took me to a new level. I generated over $1,000,000 my first 14 months and have not looked back. myEcon's Income Shifting Strategies are life changing!
B. Ellis
Greensboro, NC
myEcon has been a blessing for our family. We are both veterans of the U. S. Armed Services. Before myEcon, our budget was tight, but after using myEcon's Income Shifting system in our spare time to cashflow over $700,000.00, we enjoy financial freedom.
T & D Hill
Anchorage, AK

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